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Money Can Buy You Happiness!

We have heard this before and have never agreed on it too, have we? Money can’t buy you happiness; as they say: You can buy things, lots of them but none would lead to happiness. Well, I´m going to prove to you how you could actually buy happiness.

Online Bling

Today online games have become a massive industry that grows like a snowball. Naturally, we are curious about the phenomenon of e-sports and its place in society. What role will it play in the future? Names like World of Warcraft, […]

Another Advantage of the Chinese Democracy

Traditional Chinese industries are facing a labor shortage, increasing wages, as well as harsh competition. Many Chinese workers are at the same time without jobs. The Chinese solution is replacing workers with robots. The Chinese wages are increasing and thus […]


Welcome to NHHS 2.0

So you think you have become an expert about our student union. Read this and think again. … think again During the first week in Bergen, you have surely experienced the wide variety of our student union (NHHS). Including everything […]


TedxBergen – A look behind the curtain

The 3rd of October 2015 will be an exciting and busy day, especially for those who have put all their effort and energy into bringing the annual TEDxBergen conference to life during the last couple of months. Under the topic […]


Campusfestivalen – A necessary revision

After a night like the last one, and in light of my introduction to the festival last Monday, I can’t help but write a little something about the course of events of the first day of Campusfestivalen. Predictions are hard […]

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