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Krok og Krinkel

Krok og Krinkel

Thinking about my last few weeks in Bergen, I passed the various people I’ve met and the experiences I got through them. A rather incoherent story tried to take its place, after which I realized the different moments were hard […]

Roskilde Road Trip at Det Akademiske Kvarter


“Bohrs is more than a collective, it’s a phenomenon.” The artists (in the short-term future) formerly known as JKD & The Bastards recently released their new album. Bringing an ode to the place where they meet, practice, fall in love […]

Caved Creativity

The long lasting journey towards a clear picture of Bergen’s culture continued. After three weeks of exploring mainly the choices of the Norwegian students around me, either going to parties at Klubben or the student-like bars downtown, the evening felt […]

Coming Home Again

A well-known understanding among most Americans: homecoming. For me, as a born Dutch-guy, the first association I made with the Facebook invitation I received was the track from Kanye and Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin. With that sound playing in […]

VaÃärkonferansen NHH_Marte H. Stabbetorp

A Tripartite Economy

Much like previous years, this year’s Spring Conference sought to bring together professionals and representatives from different fields including politics, business, and academia both from within Norway and abroad. Their aim: to discuss Norway’s tripartite economy.


The NHH Energy Day

–Your chance to glance into the future of Norway´s largest industry.

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