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Welcome to NHHS 2.0

9. september 2015
Sist oppdatert: 9. september 2015

So you think you have become an expert about our student union. Read this and think again.

... think again

During the first week in Bergen, you have surely experienced the wide variety of our student union (NHHS). Including everything from cabarets in green overalls to hiking in the beautiful mountains surrounding Bergen, the impression will most likely be that NHHS has a lot of activities to offer. That is very true. However, these activities are just a small part of the more exotic stuff. Let us introduce you to NHHS 2.0, where secret societies and hidden rooms exist in numerous ways. We will not tell you the exact procedure on how to approach these hidden gems, but rather inspire you to think about it for yourself.

The catacombs

The catacombs are passages underneath NHH. In order to get access to the secret passages, you will have to find the right maintenance cover, open the maintenance cover (which is sealed entirely out of necessity) and climb down a quite narrow shaft. This is just the easy part.

When you have reached the bottom of this shaft, you will see several pathways leading in different directions. Rumours say that no one have ever visited all the different places the catacombs lead to, but if you are fortunate enough to find the secret entrance, you will meet several wooden planks, ladders, ledges, small lakes and mini-versions of Bergen’s city mountains. And you still have not explored the final goal of your journey.

K. Syvertsen

The man. The myth. The legend. Many people refer to K. Syvertsen as Kåre Syvertsen, but this is a common mistake even experienced NHH students make. Syvertsen got his first name several years after his first appearance on campus, and Kåre is actually not his real name.

Syvertsen was first known through minutes from the general assembly in the 1960’ies. He was one of three students that approved and signed the document. The minutes were sent to national newspapers, and even though the newspapers cut these to the minimum, his signature “K. Syvertsen” still remained. And now his legacy really skyrocketed. He was enrolled in classes, signed up for exams and popped up in every format everywhere on campus.

Then came the fall of K. Syvertsen. In the early 80’ies, news about a guest lecture from the famous professor K. Syvertsen was spread around campus. While most students understood what was going on, there was one fellow that really wanted to listen to Prof. K. Syvertsen. Rector himself. Sitting there all alone in the auditorium dressed up in his formal attire. When he understood that this was in fact 1 April, he decided to shut K. Syvertsen off. This completed Syvertsen’s legendary journey.

In the official Anniversary Book from 2011, K. Syvertsen’s myth was exposed. There was in fact a K. Syvertsen, but he was neither a famous professor nor named Kåre. Karl Johan Syvertsen was a student at NHH, and confirmed that he signed the minutes from the general assembly. He is a happy and retired man living his jolly days in a city in the eastern part of Norway.

The real secret groups

There are many more groups that are relatively unknown to the average NHH student, some more serious than others. Have you ever heard about the poetry club Bohemia Regent? Or Fat Man Club, a group entirely dedicated to the American life? By introducing this hidden gem, we are almost advancing to the next level of NHHS.

In the 90’ies, a secret society for female students was discovered. They were notoriously famous for the wild parties they hosted as well as their initiation rituals. Its name is Misha, and the secrecy is similar to that of C$F. While C$F members usually claim several position in the student union, members of Misha is not necessarily very visible in the daily student life. Rest assured, Misha still exists.

Capitalistisk Folkeparti –Bjørgviin Superieure Afdeling

More commonly known as C$F, this secret male-only student society has existed in over 50 years. Its name directly translates to “the Capitalistic People’s Party”, and is the NHH equivalent of the famous Skull & Bones of Yale University. C$F usually makes their first appearance in front of the freshmen by entering a random lecture with hoods and their distinctive flag. K7 Bulletin prints letters to the editor from C$F every now and then, usually written in a gibberish version of Norwegian. They are also famous for their Holiday greetings where their faces are censored, some more successfully than others.

Admittance is highly restricted to male students only, and unlike the recruitment week, where all sub-committees and interest groups want every single one of you, this society handpicks students that they feel suit the group. If you are one of the lucky few, you will face admission requirements you most likely have not faced before. C$F has about ten to twenty active members at all times, and an alumni base of over 100 former NHH students. The undersigned can assure you that you have heard about some of them.


The most legendary room of all rooms on campus is the famous “Truseloftet”, directly translated to “the Panties Attic”. You will have to enter the catacombs in order to explore this. If you are already exhausted by your journey, this is where the real challenge begins. After you have crossed the small lakes and mini-mountains on old wooden planks, you have to climb up and down some ladders. And then you see it.

Countless old bottles of wine, beer and cider will be the first objects you meet, until your eyes starts to move upwards. Old boxer shorts and panties hanging on girders symbolizes “Truseloftet”. Even though the journey has been long, it is definitely worth it when you see the most holy of all NHH legacies. Access to this room is now highly restricted (or basically impossible) due to several illegal attempts to break in.:

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