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Campusfestivalen – A necessary revision

24. januar 2015
Sist oppdatert: 24. januar 2015

After a night like the last one, and in light of my introduction to the festival last Monday, I can’t help but write a little something about the course of events of the first day of Campusfestivalen. Predictions are hard to make, and without seeing live events from any of the bands, one might as well argue whether that should even be allowed. But since I started the process, I should be man enough to face them.

Mk’s Marvellous Medicine
‘Creating an atmosphere that is easily combined with trendy pubs and pints of Guinness.’ As I will never decline a good Guinness, Marie Kristin and her boys will definitely make you put it down. With an incomparable guitar play, leaving any room for errors or pauses behind, the band gets you mesmerized from minute one. Especially in the lengthy solo’s, when the team play with her bassist almost seems unreal, the quality of the band tightly keeps you full in the moment. Argued before, the voice of Marie Kristin is not what one typically looks for in blues. But the energy and joy clinging on to her voice is worth that stupid grin on your face.

Nick Old’s Houseband
‘Not too wild, not too mild.’ Well… Wild might even be an understatement. Raw, which still doesn’t capture the full experience, brings you closer to their edge. Raw and sexy with a sparkle of insanity, a somewhat worthy description. With music leaning towards the Doors, the Black Keys, and of course Led Zeppelin, one might end up with a lack of originality. With energy, style and a god forgiven voice, one knows that it’s rather a compliment to find yourself in the field of those big names.

2nd Class People
‘Songs give you freedom to space away.’ As true bodhisattva’s the energy was shared through the room, but spacing out wasn’t what I exactly experienced during the first few minutes. Rather an open invitation to join their vibe, which seemed to be mainly with two feet on the ground. As I’ve unfortunately only seen a short part of their gig, I won’t fill your brains with meaningless words. Nor do I feel that you should rely too much on those first words. But I’d definitely invite you to watch them somewhere soon!

‘Adorable music to be put in the background, or in front of some hysterical girls.’ And that is exactly what it was. The music was over the top, with only one word of the English vocabulary left to describe it; perfection. The melody, the voice, and even someone for an extra layer of intriguing side effects… Almost too perfect. And that was unfortunately the state AWAY left me in after their gig. Five fine gentlemen, four with perfectly fine guitars, and an almost predictable choreography. Does that sound harsh? Maybe. But at the moment the boys stop giving a fuck, they might as well be the big next thing.

Jeroan Drive
‘Something between Satanic Piss and Crimson Blood… For me, that’s mostly where I draw the line.’ Funny to see that was exactly the point where it all started. With passion, a high sense of knowhow and logically a shitload of energy, the guys opened your eyes. And although I’m not sure whether to dive into the lyrics and truly find the reason behind it all, or rather just enjoy the moment, they sure as hell showed me one of the best performances I’ve seen in a long time. Metalhead or not, a periodic dose of their music would not suit ill in the proper philosophy of life.

With still loads of music to come today, the surprising night I experienced yesterday seems like a good omen for tonight. And after already hearing some tunes of Sander Mölder, and speaking to the guys of Feelium, I’m determined that my visions from last Monday must also be revised for the Saturday. Se deg i kveld!

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