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19. januar 2015
Sist oppdatert: 19. januar 2015

And we’re back again! Back from our winter sleep, our Julebords and ‘köselige’ family days. The routine kicks back in, and before we know, all our memories on the Pinnekjot and Christmas beers are lost again… So a high portion of school disorder would do us good. We are ready again to party, lose our school focus and create some good old memories. Awaiting us this Friday is the first of many opportunities to do so this semester: Campusfestivalen.
The yearly event, organized by TG and Backline, brings us a fine selection of music from Bergen, Norway or sounds originating outside the humble nation. What history tells us, besides some fancy close-ups of last year’s artists, is mainly a wide diversity. Diversity in music, ranging from electronic to acoustic, and providing both the mellow and raw flows that musical vibrations can bring us. Without any focus into this year’s line up, the promised atmosphere already upgrades the party to a ‘must-go’. But, who are we not to take all the artists under a big loop, and analyse them in the biggest detail. Just to be able to let that all behind us when the music starts, so we can fully enjoy the moment.
This year we find the festival spread over two days, each of them covering a somewhat specific theme. But, as every music lover will agree upon, too much framing of genres is a pure waste of time… So for the sake of distinction, we’ll label the Friday as the guitar day. The Saturday will also include some of those stringy instruments, but mainly focuses on the field of electronics.


Funky Friday
Well, such a title might be a bit misleading, real funk will not be found. But, as even the lightest forms of funk encompass, swing and swung will be unstoppable. Starting off easy we find AWAY, an Oslo based indie rock band, consisting of five adorable guys. Making even more adorable music. Adorable music to be put in the background, or in front of some hysterical girls. Or boys, but than of course the soft hearted versions. And, honestly, I think any of us could find themself in one of those two definitions.
Continuing on the easy flow of AWAY is MK’s Marvellous Medicine. A band circling around Marie Kristin Dale. The combination of bluesy rock and the voice of woman, instead of whisky-drenched masculinity flowing through the mic, creates an atmosphere which is easily combined with a trendy pub and pints of Guinness. Or, to stay in the whisky flow, with a 12-years old Glenn Fiddich.
Moving from alcohol to the more experimental types of drugs, we find 2nd Class People, producing alternative rock music. The slightly psychedelic glance at their songs gives you freedom to space away, while the present influences of rock keep your feet tight to the ground. A musical image that is completed by the long hair of all four members.
Long hair… An easy bridge to Old Nick’s Houseband. Although not all members follow the strict anti-barber regime, the image can’t be avoided. The interpretation however, is different from the hippy feeling 2nd Class People gives you. No, instead of growing for showing, the long hair of Old Nick’s Houseband is used for a good old session of head banging. Not too wild, not too mild. The flow stays acceptable, and the garage rock played by the guys makes you want to swing till you drop.
The acceptability of the music gets a bit lost when we move to the last artist found on the line up: Jeroan Drive. As true anarchists the guitars take you back to the 60’s, in a state of punk and kicking doors. That’s not where the music stops though, cause when lead vocalist Stein Erik Fæø picks up the microphone the true origin of the band is revealed; something between Satanic Piss and Crimson Blood… For me, that’s mostly where I draw the line. However, and that is something I learned through experiences last semester, you Norwegians seem to dig that stuff. So, with a balanced program, between sweet melodies and devil worshipping, the Friday promises us loads of musical inspirations.

2nd Class People 2nd Class People

Saturday Swingday
I know. I’ve got something with swing, something rooting back to the meaning of life and all that sort of spiritual stuff. But, in essence, if we aren’t here to swing, can you give me a better reason…? So, yet again we’re going to swing. Just on electronics this time, although the guitars won’t stay in their covers. Keeping it with some mild guitars is Peter Estdahl, giving us poppy music, with a slight taste of electronic beats. As with AWAY on Friday, he leaves you to the question if you want to be part of the groupie-like girls, or the secretly softhearted boys.
Going further we bump into Ramasjang, a 60’s-based indie rock band. Throwing in more psychedelics, the band distances itself from the Norwegian sobriety. And although it’s mainly the frontman who reminds you of the peace revolution, the music easily puts you in a zen-mindstate.
A mindstate that’s playfully abused by the Bendik Baksaas Band. With a breakbeatish sound, the band creates a cool mixture between wavery electronics and experimental popmusic. With slight moments of discomfort, the music offers a nice spectrum of soundwaves that are hard to ignore.
A more comfortable, but not in the least boring sound, will come from Sander Mölder, building up to the definition of swung. Balancing between house and disco, the minimalistic beats can easily be adopted by most of you, and will make you put those damn arms full on in the air.
True disco however, is hardly found. Feelium understands that. And Feelium gets there. With a wilful interpretation of disco, combined with a typical Swedish flow, reminding you of the sound from Peter, Bjorn and John, the disco-ball will fully bloom. Covering the lack of groove found in the ‘blond hair/blue eyes’ combination of most of you, Feelium will make the whole room dance. Among them is I. Found in the middle.

Feelium Feelium

Whether I see you on Friday or Saturday is all up to you. Whether you’ll like or not is up to the bands. But I can guarantee Campusfestivalen has done everything in its force to create something amazing out of it. So by the power of music: have a groovy festival!

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