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Money Can Buy You Happiness!

21. januar 2018
Sist oppdatert: 21. januar 2018

We have heard this before and have never agreed on it too, have we? Money can’t buy you happiness; as they say: You can buy things, lots of them but none would lead to happiness.

Our spiritual self believes that happiness comes from within and money can’t fill that void. Steve Jobs, mostly associated as an epitome of success, wrote on his death bed «Now I know, when we have accumulated sufficient wealth to last our lifetime, we should pursue other matters that are unrelated to wealth.»

But I have a slightly different stance here. I believe that money can buy you happiness. It just depends on how you spend that money and where. People would assume that we mostly spend money on our guilty pleasures. You are sad? Go for shopping! Feeling alone? Go for movies or a fancy vacation. But in the end, nothing would bring peace at heart. Nothing would be as satisfying as having relatives and friends around, even for a small get-together. But what’s the difference between this small get-together and a fancy party that money can’t get? It’s the completeness of purpose; a purpose you associate with your life. But there are ways when you can use money to complete your life; to bring solace. Like I said earlier, it’s all about where you spend that money.

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The «Have-nots»
You are among those «Haves» of the society? Spend those extra bucks on «Have-nots». There is no harm in feeding deserving people one night. That night will bring you the most relief and peace at heart. You can’t afford that but still have some extra money on hand? Why not buy homeless kids some clothes to bear nature’s extremes? Why don’t help a needy with his medical bills? Clearly all these ways are there when you have temporary extra income. But what if you have a stable extra income on regular basis? Why not invest that money in a not-so-privileged child’s future? You can sponsor his education and the benefits he will harvest from that support would your continuous source of happiness and satisfaction. All these ways would certainly bring happiness, and you bought in WITH money!

We are all running in the grim maze of life, with no purpose to be found. This sense of not belonging anywhere and continuous struggle is what makes our life ugly. We can temporarily fill that gap with a little glitter for ourselves. But the void is everlasting and our solutions, transient. And that is why, we need to channel our money in places which brings in a purpose to our life and more importantly, to someone’s life. That sense of solace is addictive. And you certainly got that by spending extra; but not on your own self.

Use money as a tool
Money is not just a tool, bringing classification in our society. It’s our ways of using it that brings that. We can actually use this tool to fade away these lines and bring everyone together. There is no better way to nurture your soul other this. Wasn’t this the ultimate objective, we all were looking for?

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